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The impact of the Erasmus Programme in Cyprus

Higher education

The purpose of this survey was to reflect the impact of the Erasmus Programme in Cyprus. Within the survey, the most important reasons for which university students choose to participate in the Programme were documented, as well as the most significant effects of the Programme in terms of professional career and social/personal life, and also the way the Programme affects the participants’ relationship with Europe.

Impact of the Erasmus Programme in Cyprus
Country Cyprus
Publication year 2017
Topic Impact of Erasmus+ programme, Mobility
320 Respondents
€ 4.165 Research budget
1 country Involved
Quantitative Research


The most significant finding of this survey was that the Erasmus Programme has been met with a very positive response. More specifically, 89% of the respondents believe that the Programme offers multiple and, at the same time, important participation incentives, while 88% take a very favourable view of the Programme’s effects on their studies as well as their professional career. According to 91% of the respondents, the opportunity offered through the Programme with regard to acquiring skills and building self-confidence is important, while 89% responded that the opportunity to live abroad and to discover new cultures is also a significant motivation. Juxtaposing these two results with the assessment made by the respondents with regard to their corresponding impact, it is determined that more than 90% of the respondents stated that this impact was “Important” or “Very important”. Through a more detailed analysis of the survey’s results, it was concluded that, for 83.1% of the respondents, the motives were both multiple and significant, but, at the same time, they stated that the Programme had the corresponding important impact as well. All the above illustrate the strong positive correlation between the motives and the impact, leading to the conclusion that, for the majority of the respondents, the Programme has been a very positive and successful experience since it fulfilled their expectations.


  • The Erasmus Programme enjoys strong recognition.
  • For the majority of the participants, the motives and the corresponding effects are multiple and, at the same time, very significant.
  • Perhaps the most important finding is that, for 83.1% of the respondents, their motives and, consequently, their expectations of the Programme also had the respective results.
  • The participants in the survey gave a very positive assessment of the Programme, and this is reflected in the fact that 99.1% responded that they would recommend the Programme to other people.


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